We supply technology with which we have excellent experience.


  • - all below we installed our customers
  • - most of the bellow we have used in our own test plants
  • - in the case of technology from China, we have received many professional inspections and factories 


Photovoltaics converters






Photovoltaics panels




upon request we are able to supply different panels or inverters


Lifetime and warranty on supplied technology:
standard 5 year + the opportunity to buy warranty for the next 5-15 years (according to converters' manufacturer)
PV panels:
5-10 years on workmanship, surface defects (depending on the panel manufacturer)
90% power - 10-12 years (depending on the panel manufacturer)
80% power - 20-25 years (depending on the panel manufacturer)
Entire system:
Two years of work with the possibility of extending guarantees to 20 years in terms of regular service Qnet CZ Ltd.
Servis PV plants:
Of course, our offer is to provide servicing of your photovoltaic plants and systems supplied not only us, but also all others to the extent of any performance.
Annual service fee activities we deliver PV systems up to 2% of the work *
Service fee for solar power plants us non-deliverable subject to individual calculation. In this case, please contact us at info [at] aeko [dot] cz