This page is designed for partners to enter their data and create invoices and statements.

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Local distributors


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Electricity producers - Invoicing and Statements

This is free system for creating statements and invoices. It is for all owners and operators small photovoltaic systems. Just register. If you deduct and specify values from your electricity meter, system automatically creates monthly statistics report and generates sample invoices. The generated statements can be used as base for data entry on this portal: CZ-OTE. This system is open for all and is free.




31.1.2013 - added prices for 2013 and sveral modification for correct operation.
21.6.2012 - added possibility for registrationgenerate a new password and change the password.

Previwe screens

Náhled 1 - generování výkazu Náhled 2 - výkaz ve formátu PDF Náhled 3 - faktura ve formátu PDF Náhled 4 - odečty elektroměrů